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10 best platforms to book thai cooking classes in Bangkok in 2022


10 best platforms to book thai cooking classes in Bangkok in 2022

In this article, we will introduce you to different online booking platforms to enroll in a Thai cooking class in Bangkok. Of course, you can use these platforms for cooking classes in other cities in Thailand and other countries but since our cooking school is in Bangkok we will approach this article from that angle. Some of these platforms can also allow you to book other experiences that would not be cooking experiences such as Airbnb or Viator ( tripadvisor ). This list is obviously not exhaustive but include the main players.

Let’s go!

1. Airbnb

Airbnb, is a platform that we do not need to present. They have been leaders for years now for the reservation of apartments or houses of individuals. At the beginning, their concept was to rent one of their beds or sofa to guests. Since then, their offer has clearly evolved and what is often less known is Airbnb Experience. Airbnb Experience allows you to book an activity as you would book a night in a hotel. Many experiences are available such as outdoor activities, cultural activities and even cooking classes: Airbnb for Thai cooking classes in Bangkok.

airbnb thailand thai cooking class bangkok

2. Viator

Viator is basically a booking platform to book tours around the world. Since then, this platform has evolved and offers to book unique experiences and attractions. This site was initially independent and was bought by Tripadvisor. Today, Viator is the paid part of Tripadvisor. Indeed, when you search on Tripadvisor, it is also proposed to you paying offers of tours and also cooking classes, which interests us. These offers are managed by Viator.

viator thailand thai cooking class bangkok copy

3. Cookly

Cookly is a platform of more human size and completely dedicated to cooking classes. Because of its size and its specialization, the information is more precise and detailed concerning cooking classes and thus Thai cooking classes.
Have a look at the page about Thai cooking classes in Bangkok on Cookly.
The support is of great quality.

cookly thailand thai cooking class bangkok

4. Klook

Klook is the solution for the Asian market to what is Airbnb and Viator. Based in Singapore, it offers for the Asian market and for others if they wish to book experiences in the world. It’s also offered Thai cooking classes in Bangkok on Klook.

klook thailand thai cooking class bangkok

5. KKday

Kkday is another solution, which allows you to book Thai cooking classes in Bangkok and around the world as well as various experiences. This application targets more the Chinese market, cooking classes on kkday.

kkday thailand thai cooking class bangkok

6. Airkitchen

Yet another solution that like Cookly is specialized in cooking classes. The target market is mainly the Japanese market. If you want to learn how to cook sushi, I think this is the site for you. Airkitchen also offers Thai cooking classes in Bangkok.

airkitchen thailand thai cooking class bangkok

7. Musment

Musment allows you to book tickets for museums, attractions and fun activities around the world. Musement helps you make the most of every destination, giving you easy access to memorable experiences including cooking classes.

musment thailand thai cooking class bangkok

8. Travelingspoon

Traveling Spoon is the San Francisco, California-based culinary tourism app that connects travelers with local hosts who prepare homemade local cuisine in their homes. Travelers can also take cooking classes and visit local markets with their hosts. For Thai cooking classes on Travelspoon, you can take a look here: cooking classes in Bangkok on Travelspoon.

travelingspoon thailand thai cooking class bangkok

9. Takemetour

Unlike others, on Takemetour, all tours are led by real local experts. They will open your eyes to see much more than your usual guides suggest. Book any tour and be part of the local population. It’s a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Takemetour offers cooking classes.

10. Tripguru

And finally, Tripguru, the challenger that allows you to book an adventure in the country of your choice. Tripguru obviously offers culinary adventures. Which cooking school on tripguru?

tripguru thailand thai cooking class bangkok


We have presented you the top 10 apps to book your cooking class online.
If you want to book with Pink Chili directly you can also contact us directly via our booking form, it will be easier to pay at the end of the course.

Pink chili booking form thailand thai cooking class bangkok


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