Pink Chili Thai Cooking School

Pink Chili Thai Cooking School

Upon enrolling in our cooking class, rest assured that at the end of the course, you will learn various cooking techniques. The best thing about learning different cooking techniques is that you can reuse the techniques in some other types of cooking. You can take new techniques that you learn from our cooking class and then apply all of them to your unique style of cooking.


We do think that the ancestral knowledge of Thai cuisine needs a complete focus. That’s why the Pink Chili – Cooking school sets up small class constituted of 8 students maximum in order to take care of you the best as we can.

Each student needs the complete attention from the chef and it’s totally normal. Small numbers allow convenience and comfort for you and our chef. Also we are convinced that small class provides something special, like very friendly atmosphere. We do want you will feel like cooking with family and you will, this is our target.

Satisfied Students
Cups of FREE Coffee ;-)
Bottle of Gas

A friendly atmosphere, we want you to feel confortable and we make it.

Our Teachers at Cooking School Bangkok

Meet Your New Friends!

We have certified trainers set to work in the most modernized and state-of-the-art kitchens, in order to make sure that our students get the best service possible. Our trainers have years of experience in the cooking niche and are eager to pass on all the knowledge they have.

PimmyMain Teacher
Pimmy loves to cook Thai food since she was young and love to share her knowledge about Thai Cooking. Her smile is your happiness.
Thai Cooking 95%
Friendly 95%
English 90%
Khun Em
Khun EmHelper
Khun Em is our helper. She has a good knowledge about Thai cooking and knows about 10 words in English ;-). Khun Em will do her best for your comfort.
Thai Cooking 85%
Friendly 85%
English 10%

All our dishes can be NOT spicy


Why named Pink Chili ?

As you had already experimented the spicy Thai food, and we know that non-Thai people can be sensitive to chilies, we want to show you that it is possible to cook Thai food without chilies or with just a little taste of chili.

Our Pink chilies will be definitely less spicy than the red chilies you can find in the street food :-).


We can adapt all the dishes to your taste and sensitivities.

Why Pink Chili Thai Cooking School?

At Pink Chili, we make sure to keep our prices utterly low, so anyone who is visiting Bangkok does not have to cut corners on their holiday. We make sure that people get the best service, in the cheapest price, all over Bangkok. A full program is provided in fun and friendly environment at just 10 min from the Skytrain BTS.

Enjoy Our Classes at Pink Chili – Thai Cooking School in Bangkok !